Apple and Amazon Keep India’s Tech Manufacturing Running Full Steam Ahead

Tech giants continue setting up production in India

Setback at Wistron

But all the frenzy came to an abrupt halt on the night of December 12, 2020, when around 2000 employees working at Wistron’s facility in the outskirts of Bangalore ransacked the factory over unpaid wages. Videos from the night show disgruntled workers trashing offices, breaking equipment, looting phones, and setting cars on fire. The total damage was estimated at $7 million.

Pegatron follows up with more concrete steps

After registering a subsidiary in India last year to hint at its interest in the country, Pegatron took a more definite step earlier this year by leasing half a million square feet of land near the southern city of Chennai, not too far away from Foxconn’s factory.

Apple looks for a new iPad and Mac base

Just as news about Pegatron’s activities was making rounds, Apple also made headlines for expressing interest to manufacture iPads and Macs in India. Currently, Apple’s iPads and Macs are mostly manufactured in China, with few production lines in Vietnam.

Growth in component manufacturers

Currently, most of the components that go into an iPhone are imported from China. This has been a long-standing problem that held Apple back from stepping into India for many years. But component manufactures are slowly setting up production in India and Tata Sons is leading the way for local companies.

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick finds a new home

While one can find just about anything one wants on Amazon, the e-commerce giant’s best-selling products are its own lineup of devices. Year after year, the top-selling products are Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick, and Kindle. All these devices have for long been made in China and Amazon faces the same problem Apple does in this regard. Like Apple, Amazon has set its eyes upon India.

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